1125 Harvard East, Kay Bullit’s Gathering Place

If you mention 1125 Harvard East to politicians, musicians, poets, activists, you will get a knowing nod and probably a smile. In Seattle, the house on Harvard  has been a locus of activism for decades.

Kay Bullit lives there and she has turned that acre and a half into a gathering place for family and friends, a place for concerts and a jumping off point for political campaigns and social action.

Wednesday’s in July are very special, as the warm weather means big crowds at picnics that draw people together from across the racial, ethnic, social and political camps that usually separate us.

Sam Sperry is a longtime Seattle journalist. He is a former editorial writer at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. He worked for Mayors Wes Uhlman and Charles Royer, managing their energy office. He also worked for Executive Randy Revelle and Governor Gary Locke.

Sperry has written “1125 Harvard East: Kay Bullit’s Gathering Place.”

We met at the Bryant Corner Café to talk about Kay Bullit, the Bullit family and the role a welcoming place can play in shaping the history of a region.


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